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Quality Loft is the number one company you can always trust in London when it comes to cost effective and high quality loft conversions. Our years of experience and the number of satisfied clients will tell you that no matter what type of service that you may require from us, we will definitely take care of it at the highest possible standards. To know how we can exactly do it for you, please do give us a call at 020-3322-4415. We would be very glad to be of service to you.

Services offered for your complete satisfaction

We always provide our customers what is due to them based on their specific requirements. We listened very carefully to everything that they have to say even up to the simplest details. This is because as much as possible we will not give you any reason to get disappointed with our works. Here are the major types of loft conversions that we can do just for you:

  • Dormer Loft Conversion

    This is usually the common loft conversion that most of our customers would want us to do. Dormer Loft is popular because it simply provides an extension to the existing roof. There is no need to really destroy everything. In fact, by just this type of conversion, you get the largest room within your very own homes.

    In this type of loft conversion, you will have vertically straight walls and horizontal ceiling. The good thing about having this type of conversion is that it is versatile enough to be built on all styles of home. You get the same feeling without having to change the entirety of your roof.

    There is no need to require a planning permission. With a dormer loft conversion, you always get the best out of your lofts. Call us at 020-3322-4415 for more details.

  • Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

    This is a type of loft conversion that usually used for semi-detached or detached type of housing. In most cases, this style is built when the house has 3 separate and different slanting sides of the roof. One side of the roof is extended which is then made vertical. It is beneficial for a house that actually lacks space within the loft.

    You always get an overall makeover of your house and give your family a wider space to stay. Contact us at 020-3322-4415 to discuss with us your requirements for your planned loft conversion.

  • Mansard Loft Conversion

    Among the different types of loft conversions, this one requires the most work in your property. This is because of the large scale of work that is needed for this style. Since the roof structure will be changed, there is a need to secure a planning permission.

    While this type requires a lot of work, it also provides a much bigger space than that of the dormer type. With a mansard loft conversion, you would certainly be able to enjoy the space that once was abandoned. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 020-3322-4415 and tell more about your loft conversion plans.

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